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1% VITAMIN C LIP SERUM Strawberry Glow Lip Treatment


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    1% VITAMIN C LIP SERUM Strawberry Glow Lip Treatment

    LIP BALM WITH VITAMIN C SERUM. STRAWBERRY. Treat yourself to our incredibly nourishing, hydrating and soothing lip treatment made with illuminating Vitamin C and precious oils from Coconut, Almond and Sunflower seeds for a smoother, softer feeling and an attractive look. Responsibly made in Europe with the clinical and natural ingredients you love, and free-from the ones you might not.

    • Illuminating Vitamin C Serum: Experience the brightening effects of Vitamin C, adding a luminous touch to your lips and promoting a vibrant, healthy appearance.
    • Luxurious Hydration: Immerse your lips in the opulent blend of Coconut, Almond, and Sunflower seed oils, ensuring intense nourishment and a velvety-smooth feel.
    • Soothing Strawberry Sensation: Enjoy the delightful essence of strawberries, creating a sensorial experience that calms and rejuvenates your lips.
    • Attractive, Soft Lips: Revel in irresistibly softer lips with the potent combination of illuminating Vitamin C and intensive hydration, leaving your lips looking and feeling more attractive.
    • Holistic Lip Care Experience: Meticulously crafted with care, this lip balm transcends the ordinary, offering a holistic experience that combines the illuminating power of Vitamin C with the richness of botanical oils. Elevate your lip care routine with a product that embodies the perfect blend of nature's bounty and scientific excellence.


    Indulge in the sumptuous sensation of our Strawberry Lip Balm enriched with a luminous Vitamin C serum. Elevate your lip care routine with this extraordinary lip treatment, meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled nourishment, hydration, and soothing benefits. Immerse your lips in the opulent blend of Coconut, Almond, and Sunflower seed oils, ensuring a velvety-smooth feel and an irresistibly attractive appearance.

    Vitamin C takes center stage, infusing your lips with its illuminating properties, promoting a brighter and more vibrant look. Beyond the citrusy burst, the lip balm works synergistically with precious oils to deliver a holistic lip care experience. Coconut oil hydrates and rejuvenates, Almond oil enriches and replenishes, and Sunflower seed oil ensures optimal nourishment, leaving your lips with a truly captivating softness.

    This lip treatment is not merely a skincare essential; it's a sensory delight that transforms your lip care routine into a moment of indulgence. The illuminating Vitamin C serum adds a radiance boost, making this lip balm a standout choice for those seeking both nourishment and a luminous appeal.

    Treat yourself to the perfect fusion of science and nature, where the potency of Vitamin C meets the richness of botanical oils. Crafted with care, this Strawberry Lip Balm is a testament to our commitment to providing you with a lip care experience that transcends the ordinary, ensuring your lips not only feel nourished but exude a natural, captivating allure.


    1% VITAMIN C LIP SERUM Strawberry Glow Lip Treatment
    1% VITAMIN C LIP SERUM Strawberry Glow Lip Treatment
    1% VITAMIN C LIP SERUM Strawberry Glow Lip Treatment

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Indira H.
    Best lip care ever!

    If you don't have this in your shelf, what are you even doing with your life?! Ever since I began using this product, my lips has become better. It's smoother, healthier, and shinier. It's really something that someone would need, no matter the current state of lips, it is a need because it is the best lip care ever!

    Natural on top!

    Nothing beats a product that's responsibly made and with natural ingredients. My lipcare routine has become better now, thanks to this. I am really recommending this to the ton.


    I am in love with how this worked so well on me. I never had any lip balm that worked quite as well as this one right here. It would really make your lips look and feel attractive, as if illuminating it.

    It served!!!

    I was here for the soothing experience of strawberries making my lips feel good again and I was definitely given!!! I am just mesmerized by how greatly it served. This is a hundred percent slay!

    A luxury

    Having this product is such a luxury. Who knew something as inexpensive as this one would help your lips feel so nice and smooth? It really gives you that intense nourishment.