Our Story

In alignment with nature. On a mission to change your skin, hair and the earth. 

Biovène Barcelona innovates prestigious products defined as ’premium’ but accessible and believes beauty should be Planet Positive & fair - be it of religion, ethnicity, or any part of life -it should not limit the access to life and beauty. Born in Barcelona, Spain, the brand embraces diversity in gender identity and culture like its world renowned inclusive city.

Spanning all over the globe, from Europe, to the Middle East & America, our brand runs on the principle that nature, combined with science creates the most exclusive, affordable cosmetic products. We source the purest ingredients to unlock its full potential and assure our customers that our products are always made with integrity and without ingredients we know our customers would like to avoid.

We do not test our products on animals, and we promote the individual centered lifestyle choices of vegan and vegetarian alternatives and options.

The mission of Biovène Barcelona is to make planet-friendly, prestigious, high quality, and natural beauty products accessible to everyone, in order to allow more people to feel better in their lives and be inspired by this positive view and impact on the quality of our lives and our planet. Beauty is fair; it knows no religion, ethnicity, nor age.

Biovène’s Philosophy runs on the principle that nature and science combined together create exclusive–yet affordable–cosmetic products.