Break and be Green

Break and be Green

It is no surprise to us all that climate change is now our planets biggest problem coming into this new decade, 2020 is being called the year of sustainability.

Even the smallest of changes we can all make will help combat this issue (said by those in the know). Little things like re-using shopping bags or recycling our plastic bottles. The small gestures are going to go a long way to making our planet happier.

One of the things you can do is look for those companies that are making an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, for example Biovene Barcelona have created a 100% natural, economical and 100% sustainable shampoo in a bar.

Hydrate repair

Firstly in the collection is the Hydrate repair bar. With the combination of natural argon oil and mint. To hydrate and restore shine to your hair. Due to it’s antioxidants and vitamin E, helping combat against hair fallout and preventing damaged hair caused by colour and styling.

Moister volume

Second in the collection is the Moisture bar. The mixture of biotin and apple cider will stimulate hair growth and giving your hair a boost in vitamins B and H. While the apple cider will gently exfoliate your scalp correcting your hair’s PH level from the pollution your hair collects.

Clear protect citrus dream

Third in the collection is the Clear protect citrus dream bar. Indulging in the lemon and lime essential oil filled bar, while it brings out the natural highlights in your hair. All while the re-hydrating your hair, leaving it feel silky smooth and bright.

Damage control

The fourth bar in this collection is the Damage control bar, packed full of coconut and keratin. Keratin is a natural protein in our hair, the damage control bar is giving your hair a top up of the protein it has lost. The natural coconut oil and macadamia oil helping to reduce damage, reconstructing and reviving. Helping reduce split ends, promoting length and density.

Nourish restore

Finally, the Nourish restore bar. Infused with vanilla, lavender and grapefruit essential oils. Softening and restoring hair all while deep cleansing and removing hair built up for stronger healthier hair.

All these Biovene Barcelona bars are packed full of nutritious natural ingredients ready to revitalise your hair. Lasting up to 75 washes. That is the equivalent to 6 bottles of shampoo. #replacethebottle

Just by using small products like this you’re doing your small part to help.

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