Native Secret #Real Problem Solver

Native Secret #Real Problem Solver

Have you been skipping your everyday skincare and now need a quick solution? Give your face a quick detox with this Biovène Barcelona Amazon Jungle Super Fruit Fiesta Mask made out of 100% natural ingredients.

This powder to sheet mask will leave your skin looking cleaner and glowy, and who doesn’t want that? 

How to use

  1. Mix the powder with a cup of water 
  2. Apply the mix to your face with your hands or with the help of a face brush
  3. Wait for a few minutes whilst your skin is being detoxified 

Biovène Native Secret – Real Problem Solver + Detoxifying + Pore Refining + Super Glowing + 100% All Natural Ingredients + with Australian Pink Clay, Kakadu Plum, Aloe Vera, Pomegranate and Mangosteen + 1-minute Do-it-Yourself powder-to-clay Mask, 12.5g

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